Validation of a whole-slide image-based teleconsultation network

A. Baidoshvili, N. Stathonikos, G. Freling, J. Bart, N. ‘t Hart, J. van der Laak, J. Doff, B. van der Vegt, M. Philip and P. van Dies

Histopathology (2018)



Loading speed of the images, zooming latency and focus quality were scored. Leaving out eight minor discrepancies without any clinical signi�?cance, the concordance rate between remote digital and original microscopic diagnoses was 97.8%. The two cases with a major discordance (for which the light microscopic diagnoses were deemed to be the better ones) resulted from a different interpretation of diagnostic criteria in one case and an image quality issue in the other case. Average scores for loading speed of the images, zooming latency and focus quality were 2.37 (on a scale up to 3), 2.39 (scale up to 3) and 3.06 (scale up to 4), respectively. Conclusions: This validation study demonstrates the suitability of a teleconsultation network for remote digital consultation using whole-slide images. Such networks may contribute to faster revision and consultation in pathology while maintaining diagnostic standards.

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