Gerry Koons is a postdoctoral researcher at the Regenerative Biomaterials group of the Department of Dentistry and the Computational Pathology Group of the Department of Pathology of the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She obtained her medical degree (M.D.) in 2023 from Baylor College of Medicine in the U.S.A. as a member of the M.D./Ph.D. Medical Scientist Training Program. She completed her Ph.D. thesis on 3D printing of biomaterials for cranial bone tissue engineering in 2022 with the Department of Bioengineering at Rice University in the U.S.A. She received a postdoctoral fellowship from the Radboud Excellence Initiative to develop machine learning tools for assessment of bone-regenerating biomaterials under the mentorship of Sander Leeuwenburgh, Jeroen van den Beucken, and Geert Litjens.