Nadieh Khalili

Postdoc in tenure track

Nadieh Khalili is a postdoc in the tenure-track at RadboudUMC, where she initiated a team specializing in multi-modal data analysis as part of Sectorplan. She earned her master’s degree in biomedical engineering with magna cum laude honors from the University of Bern. Nadieh’s Ph.D. focused on fetal brain development, using deep learning to analyze fetal and neonatal brain development. Faced with the challenge of limited labeled healthcare data, her research has concentrated on developing innovative data augmentation techniques, effectively addressing longstanding issues in medical imaging. Her research is published in top-tier journals like Neuroimaging and MRI Journal and has earned her accolades including a magna cum laude award at ISMRM2020 and an oral slot at MICCAI2019. After gaining industry insights as an AI scientist at Philips and ContextVision, Nadieh returned to academia, leading efforts in multi-modal data, trustworthy AI, human-in-the-loop, and federated learning at DIAG. Additionally, Nadieh serves as the Executive Event Officer for Women in MICCAI, and she is a program committee in SPIE.

Current research projects: