Fiets Pieten visited the Computational Pathology Group

Fiets Pieten

Sinterklaas was visiting Radboud,
but when he entered the second floor he was in doubt.

The CPG room was empty and felt cold,
and Sinterklaas was wondering if he was getting too old.

Very confused about all this,
he went straight to the secretary to ask what was amiss.

“But Sint, everybody is working from home,
the office is no place for CPG members to roam!

Now that you are here Sinterklaas, we think there must have been some theft,
because those poor people are sitting at home with almost no storage on their servers left!”

The CPG always works very secure,
theft, they say? Sint wasn’t sure..

Sint sent out the best Detective Pieten he could find,
hoping they could figure out how this mystery will unwind.

Most of Sint’s Pieten were busy with their delivery hike,
so he sent the fastest elite of his Pieten crew per bike.

Packed with poems, pepernoten and chocolate treats,
they started their journey, dressed as true athletes.

Conquering 355 km of wind, darkness and forests, their good spirit remained unbeaten,
but no one was at home; all they found were other Pieten!

“Theft? What a crazy tale,
all those big data projects make the storage derail”

Cyber Piet suspected that the problem was beginning to moulder;
In a basement in Oosterbeek he discovered a super-secret Blissey folder!

Blissey was the solution: a server, fast, fancy and with storage in abundance,
This asked for a zoom-meeting with two special consultants.

They assured Fiets Piet that everything will be alright,
so he could calmly travel back to Nijmegen that night.

The Fiets Pieten and their fellow detectives made this day one to remember,
and Sint wishes you all a lovely December.

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