Automatic branching detection in IVUS sequences

M. Alberti, C. Gatta, S. Balocco, F. Ciompi, O. Pujol, J. Silva, X. Carrillo and P. Radeva

Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (2011)



Atherosclerosis is a vascular pathology affecting the arterial walls, generally located in specific vessel sites, such as bifurcations. In this paper, for the first time, a fully automatic approach for the detection of bifurcations in IVUS pullback sequences is presented. The method identifies the frames and the angular sectors in which a bifurcation is visible. This goal is achieved by applying a classifier to a set of textural features extracted from each image of an IVUS pullback. A comparison between two state-of-the-art classifiers is performed, AdaBoost and Random Forest. A cross-validation scheme is applied in order to evaluate the performances of the approaches. The obtained results are encouraging, showing a sensitivity of 75% and an accuracy of 94% by using the AdaBoost algorithm.

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