Artificial intelligence in bone marrow histological diagnostics: potential applications and challenges.

L. van Eekelen, G. Litjens and K. Hebeda

Pathobiology 2023.

DOI PMID Cited by ~2

The expanding digitalization of routine diagnostic histological slides holds a potential to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to pathology, including bone marrow (BM) histology. In this perspective we describe potential tasks in diagnostics that can be supported, investigations that can be guided and questions that can be answered by the future application of AI on whole slide images of BM biopsies. These range from characterization of cell lineages and quantification of cells and stromal structures to disease prediction. First glimpses show an exciting potential to detect subtle phenotypic changes with AI that are due to specific genotypes. The discussion is illustrated by examples of current AI research using BM biopsy slides. In addition, we briefly discuss current challenges for implementation of AI-supported diagnostics.