Publications of Francesco Ciompi


Papers in international journals

  1. F. Ciompi, S. Balocco, J. Rigla, X. Carrillo, J. Mauri and P. Radeva, "Computer-aided detection of intracoronary stent in intravascular ultrasound sequences", Medical Physics, 2016;43(10):5616.
    Abstract DOI PMID Cited by ~16
  2. A. Setio, F. Ciompi, G. Litjens, P. Gerke, C. Jacobs, S. van Riel, M. Wille, M. Naqibullah, C. Sánchez and B. van Ginneken, "Pulmonary nodule detection in CT images: false positive reduction using multi-view convolutional networks", IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2016;35(5):1160-1169.
    Abstract DOI PMID Download Cited by ~997
  3. J. Charbonnier, M. Brink, F. Ciompi, E. Scholten, C. Schaefer-Prokop and E. van Rikxoort, "Automatic Pulmonary Artery-Vein Separation and Classification in Computed Tomography Using Tree Partitioning and Peripheral Vessel Matching", IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2016:882-892.
    Abstract DOI PMID Cited by ~53

Papers in conference proceedings

  1. N. Lessmann, I. Išgum, A. Setio, B. de Vos, F. Ciompi, P. de Jong, M. Oudkerk, W. Mali, M. Viergever and B. van Ginneken, "Deep convolutional neural networks for automatic coronary calcium scoring in a screening study with low-dose chest CT", Medical Imaging, 2016;9785:978511-1 - 978511-6.
    Abstract DOI Cited by ~47


  1. F. Ciompi, K. Chung, A. Setio, S. van Riel, E. Scholten, P. Gerke, C. Jacobs, U. Pastorino, A. Marchiano, M. Wille, M. Prokop and B. van Ginneken, "Pulmonary nodule type classification with convolutional networks", Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, 2016.