Publications of Hans Pinckaers


Papers in international journals

  1. H. Pinckaers, B. van Ginneken and G. Litjens, "Streaming convolutional neural networks for end-to-end learning with multi-megapixel images", IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2020. Abstract/PDF DOI PMID
  2. W. Bulten, H. Pinckaers, H. van Boven, R. Vink, T. de Bel, B. van Ginneken, J. van der Laak, C. de Hulsbergen-van Kaa and G. Litjens, "Automated deep-learning system for Gleason grading of prostate cancer using biopsies: a diagnostic study", Lancet Oncology, 2020;21(2):233-241. Abstract/PDF DOI PMID Cited by ~29

Papers in conference proceedings

  1. L. van Eekelen, H. Pinckaers, K. Hebeda and G. Litjens, "Multi-class semantic cell segmentation and classification of aplasia in bone marrow histology images", Medical Imaging, 2020;11320:113200B. Abstract/PDF DOI