A generic nuclei detection method for histopathological breast images

H. Kost, A. Homeyer, P. Bult, M. Balkenhol, J. van der Laak and H. Hahn

SPIE Proceedings 2016.

DOI Cited by ~4

The detection of cell nuclei plays a key role in various histopathological image analysis problems. Considering the high variability of its applications, we propose a novel generic and trainable detection approach. Adaption to specific nuclei detection tasks is done by providing training samples. A trainable deconvolution and classification algorithm is used to generate a probability map indicating the presence of a nucleus. The map is processed by an extended watershed segmentation step to identify the nuclei positions. We have tested our method on data sets with different stains and target nuclear types. We obtained F1-measures between 0.83 and 0.93.