The evaluation of colon biopsies using virtual microscopy is reliable

R. van der Post, J. van der Laak, B. Sturm, R. Clarijs, E. Schaafsma, H. van Krieken and M. Nap

Histopathology (2013)



dance rates were 89.6% for whole slide images and 91.6% for light microscopy. The concordance rates of the subgroups ‘adenoma’ and ‘adenocarcinoma’ between whole slide images and conventional microscopy showed only small variability. The intraobserver (whole slide images versus glass slide) agreement, including subgroups, was substantial, with a mean j-value of 0.78, and was higher than the interobserver agreement for glass slides (interobserver j-value of 0.69). Conclusions: This study shows good diagnostic accuracy and reproducibility for virtual microscopy, indicating that this technology can reliably be used for pathological evaluation of colon biopsies in a primary clinical setting.

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