Giulia Saccomano

Giulia Saccomano is a PhD candidate at the University of Trieste and Elettra synchrotron (Trieste, Italy).

She studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of Trieste specializing in synchrotron radiation Computed micro-Tomography (micro-CT) of breast biopsies using the synchrotron light (Bachelor's Degree in 2018) and on reconstruction techniques for K-edge Computed Tomography (Master's Degree in 2020). In 2021 she started working as a research assistant at the SYRMEP group of Elettra synchrotron in Trieste on the micro-CT analysis of innovative industrial samples. In the same year she continued as a PhD student in the same group with a project based on phase-contrast micro-CT on biological tissues (e.g. melanoma biopsies), both with synchrotron and laboratory sources, as a valid three-dimensional support to histological diagnosis.

Giulia joined the Computational Pathology Group as a visiting student in 2023 with the aim of use deep learning methods for the extraction of pathological feature from micro-CT and histological images under the supervision of Francesco Ciompi.