Marina D'Amato

PhD Candidate

Marina D'Amato is a PhD candidate in the Computational Pathology group. In 2021, she obtained her MSc (cum laude) in Data Science and Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin, after finishing her BSc in Computer Engineering. During her master thesis at King's College London, she worked with the Centre for Neuroimaging Science on machine learning and topological data analysis approaches for the classification of structural connectivity data. Before joining the CPG, she worked as a data scientist intern at Roche on multi-scale approaches for the classification of histopathology images. In 2022, she started her PhD working under the supervision of Geert Litjens, Francesco Ciompi and Jeroen van der Laak on developing explainable AI methods for whole-slide image analysis as part of the BIGPICTURE project.

Current research projects: