Matteo Pozzi

PhD Candidate

Matteo Pozzi received his bachelor degree in biology from the university of Parma in 2019 with an experience in molecular dynamics simulations of retinol binding proteins. In 2021 he received the Master's degree in Quantitative and Computational Biology (cum laude) from the University of Trento with a thesis in collaboration with the Human Technopole, in Milan. Here he worked on the integration of CRISPR cas9 sensitivity data with drug sensitivity data. In October 2021 he started his PhD at Fondazione Bruno Kessler and University of Trento with a project on integrating explainable artificial intelligence techniques into deep learning algorithms applied to the medical domain. Matteo joined the Computational Pathology Group in 2024 as a visiting PhD student to explore the role of TILs in ductal carcinoma in situ, via deep learning under the supervision of Francesco Ciompi.