Thijs Gelton

Thijs performed his M.Sc. thesis project on AI-assisted Detection of Endometrium (pre)malignancies in Endometrium Pipelle Biopsies from February 2022 until December 2022. The goal was to reduce the workload for pathologists by developing a deep learning system capable of predicting four categories on slide-level, while retaining 100% sensitivity. He did this together with Sanne Vermogen (resident pathology) and under the supervision of Francesco Ciompi.

Thijs started at the Applied University of Utrecht, where he obtained his bachelor's degree in computer science. He was always captivated by the way machines learn from data and, therefore, started the Intelligent Technology track in the AI master's programme. It was the Intelligent Systems in Medical Imaging (ISMI) course, by Francesco, that eventually let him to do this thesis at Radboud UMC.