Computational Pathology Group is awarded the 2024 Ammodo Science Award for groundbreaking research

Jeroen van der Laak, Geert Litjens and Francesco Ciompi have been honored with the 2024 Ammodo Science Award for groundbreaking research. The Ammodo Science Award demonstrates appreciation for jointly conducted research that is internationally recognised, high quality and potentially groundbreaking.

Accompanied by a grant of 1.6 million euros, this award will support the group's next ambitious step: they want to develop one of the world's first virtual pathologist. This new AI model, called ANTONI, will be able to independently make clinical diagnoses for various types of tissue, including breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer. What makes ANTONI special is that it will provide a form of 'explainable AI', meaning medical specialists can inquire about the reasoning behind the results to substantiate diagnoses. This feature can increase clinicians' confidence and pave the way for broad applications of AI in healthcare. For further details, the complete news item can be accessed through this link

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