EU H2020 and KWF grant for Francesco Ciompi and Jeroen van der Laak

Last month, Computational pathology group-members Francesco Ciompi and Jeroen van der Laak have been awarded 2 grants for performing cancer research based on deep learning techniques. Supported by funding of the European Union’s ICT12 H2020 program, Jeroen and Francesco will work together with a consortium of European partners on the EXAMODE project. The goal of this project is to build tools based on artificial intelligence to aid pathologists in routine diagnostics via automatic analysis of digital pathology whole-slide images of cancer specimens across multiple organs. The second project (PROACTING) is in collaboration with the NKI in Amsterdam and funded by the Dutch Cancer Society as part of the 'Onderzoek & Implementatie' program. With PROACTING, Jeroen and Francesco aim together with Jelle Wesseling and Esther Lips to predict the response to neo-adjuvant treatment of breast cancer patients.

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