Publications of Babak Ehteshami Bejnordi


Papers in international journals

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  2. M. Veta, Y. Heng, N. Stathonikos, B. Bejnordi, F. Beca, T. Wollmann, K. Rohr, M. Shah, D. Wang, M. Rousson, M. Hedlund, D. Tellez, F. Ciompi, E. Zerhouni, D. Lanyi, M. Viana, V. Kovalev, V. Liauchuk, H. Phoulady, T. Qaiser, S. Graham, N. Rajpoot, E. Sjoblom, J. Molin, K. Paeng, S. Hwang, S. Park, Z. Jia, E. Chang, Y. Xu, A. Beck, P. van Diest and J. Pluim, "Predicting breast tumor proliferation from whole-slide images: the TUPAC16 challenge", Medical Image Analysis, 2019;54(5):111-121.
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  3. O. Geessink, A. Baidoshvili, J. Klaase, B. Ehteshami Bejnordi, G. Litjens, G. van Pelt, W. Mesker, I. Nagtegaal, F. Ciompi and J. van der Laak, "Computer aided quantification of intratumoral stroma yields an independent prognosticator in rectal cancer", Cellular Oncology, 2019:1-11.
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