Publications of Khrystyna Faryna

Papers in international journals

  1. K. Faryna, J. van der Laak and G. Litjens, "Automatic data augmentation to improve generalization of deep learning in H&E stained histopathology", Computers in Biology and Medicine, 2024;170:108018.
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Papers in conference proceedings

  1. K. Faryna, J. van der Laak and G. Litjens, "Tailoring automated data augmentation to H&E-stained histopathology", Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, 2021.
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  2. K. Faryna, F. Tushar, V. D'Anniballe, R. Hou, G. Rubin and J. Lo, "Attention-guided classification of abnormalities in semi-structured computed tomography reports", Medical Imaging, 2020;11314:397 - 403.
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  3. K. Faryna, K. Koschmieder, M. Paul, T. van den Heuvel, A. van der Eerden, R. Manniesing and B. van Ginneken, "Adversarial cycle-consistent synthesis of cerebral microbleeds for data augmentation", Medical Imaging Meets NeurIPS Workshop - 34th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2020.
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  4. A. Saha, F. Tushar, K. Faryna, V. D'Anniballe, R. Hou, M. Mazurowski, G. Rubin and J. Lo, "Weakly Supervised 3D Classification of Chest CT using Aggregated Multi-Resolution Deep Segmentation Features", Medical Imaging, 2020;11314:39 - 44.
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Master theses

  1. K. Faryna, "Brain MRI synthesis via pathology factorization and adversarial cycle-consistent learning for data augmentation", Master thesis, 2020.