Publications of Leander van Eekelen

Papers in international journals

  1. L. van Eekelen, H. Pinckaers, M. van den Brand, K. Hebeda and G. Litjens, "Using deep learning for quantification of cellularity and cell lineages in bone marrow biopsies and comparison to normal age-related variation.", Pathology, 2021.
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Papers in conference proceedings

  1. J. Vermazeren, L. van Eekelen, L. Meesters, M. Looijen-Salamon, S. Vos, E. Munari, C. Mercan and F. Ciompi, "muPEN: Multi-class PseudoEdgeNet for PD-L1 assessment", Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, 2021.
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  2. L. van Eekelen, H. Pinckaers, K. Hebeda and G. Litjens, "Multi-class semantic cell segmentation and classification of aplasia in bone marrow histology images", Medical Imaging, 2020;11320:113200B.
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Master theses

  1. L. van Eekelen, "Deep learning-based analysis of bone marrow histopathology images", Master thesis, 2020.