Publications of Witali Aswolinskiy

Papers in conference proceedings

  1. W. Aswolinskiy, D. Tellez, G. Raya, L. van der Woude, M. Looijen-Salamon, J. van der Laak, K. Grunberg and F. Ciompi, "Neural image compression for non-small cell lung cancer subtype classification in H&E stained whole-slide images", Medical Imaging 2021: Digital Pathology, 2021;11603:1 - 7.
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  1. W. Aswolinskiy, H. Horlings, L. Mulder, J. van der Laak, J. Wesseling, E. Lips and F. Ciompi, "Potential of an AI-based digital biomarker to predict neoadjuvant chemotherapy response from preoperative biopsies of Luminal-B breast cancer", European Congress of Pathology, 2019.