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Vacancies & Student projects

Open vacancies

There are no vacancies at the moment.

Student projects

We welcome good master's and bachelor's students to perform academic research in our group. We offer various projects that can be tuned to match your thesis requirements. You can also browse through our research pages to read about the different research topics of our group.

Deep Learning for the differentiation of STIC lesions

The goal is to develop a deep learning algorithm for the differentiation of STIC lesions from normal fallopian tube epithelium. The digital pathology images of a cohort of both STIC lesions and normal tubal epithelium from BRCA1/2 carries will be available. The output will be an algorithm that can identify aberrant tubal epithelium with a high sensitivity.

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Closed vacancies

The positions below are closed, please do not apply. They are listed to give you an idea of the kind of positions we regularly offer.

Vacancies Student projects